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New Year Message to Members and Supporters

There is a feeling of optimism in the Campaign as we enter the New Year.  The October 2016 meeting with the Rail Minister Paul Maynard MP has resulted in the Department for Transport commissioning a desktop survey into the infrastructure considerations for reopening the Beverley- York  rail line.  The DfT passed a copy of the report to the committee for use in any negotiations with the Local Enterprise Partnership and we heard just before Christmas that a meeting with the LEP has been requested by Graham Stuart MP for the New Year.  I am grateful for the support and hard work of all my colleagues on the committee in the past year which has been tremendous and encouraging and I look forward to 2017 being the year when we achieve our aim by getting the reinstatement confirmed and work on planning the construction process under way.

Thank you all for continuing to support the Campaign and I hope you have a prosperous and peaceful New Year.



Peter Hemmerman
Minsters Rail Campaign

January 2017