Minsters Rail Campaign

Get involved

How you can help?

If we are to be successful, we need your support. You can make your contribution in a number of ways. We can help with information and speakers.

1) Raise the issue with your local councillor or MEP and ask him/her to support us.

2) Organise a local meeting with residents and business people.

3) Write to your newspaper

4) Ring BBC Radio Humberside or BBC Radio York

5) Contact BBC Look North or ITV Calendar

6) Spread the news on Twitter or Facebook

Join us

  • You can also become a member for £10 a year.

  • Any members with businesses will get a link on our links page.

  • Corporate Membership is £50 per year, with a link on our link page, and a section in our patrons and supporters page.

If you are interested in joining, please fill in your details below, writing "Membership" in the subject line and indicating which type of membership you would like to receive. We will be in touch with you to arrange payment.

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